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Congratulations on Your Pregnancy!


If you are interested in being in the care of a midwife for your pregnancy and birth there is now a single provincial wait list to access midwifery care in Alberta. This centralized waiting list will eliminate having to fill out multiple application forms to numerous midwifery practices.  Select Beginnings Midwifery Care as your preferred practice to request care specifically with us. We will review all requests for care and our office administrator Jessica will contact you if we are able to accept you into care. You will otherwise remain on the provincial waiting list in case there is care available for you in the future with us or with any of the other practices.


Be sure to indicate:

  • if you are a previous Beginnings Client and

  • which midwife you had for your previous care

Thank you for your interest in Beginnings Midwifery Care!

Register Here

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