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Our Story

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Megan and I met through another practice and had an immediate connection. We had an understanding of each other and our dreams and plans for the future. We started Beginnings Midwifery Care in Dec 2008.  With provincial funding for midwifery care starting in 2009 we have been very busy.  We have grown both our practice and our own families.  Megan had her 2 children and I had my second child since we started the practice. We have welcomed several students and new midwives into our practice, supervising and supporting them in their midwifery. We enjoy working together and have created a real family at Beginnings.

Our Clinic Spaces

office administrator



As the office admin I do the behind the scenes work and take great pride and pleasure working with the team of midwives at Beginnings. My favourite part of the job is when I get to offer care to a woman and hear the excitement (and sometimes relief) that they feel in that moment.

I am more than the admin, I am also a previous client of Gaelyn and Megan’s. After the birth of my daughter I knew for my second baby I wanted a home birth with a midwife, which I am so proud to have had. My midwives and I developed a close relationship and friendship that continued after my son’s birth.

After my home birth experience I became even more fascinated with all things birth and decided to become a doula to help others on their motherhood journeys. I love being a doula for all my clients, but it is especially enjoyable when I get to work alongside one of our wonderful midwives at Beginnings.

I also work as a spiritual intuitive coach/mentor, energy work, and herbalism. I love sharing my gifts with others and helping them on an energetic level.

You will find some of my herbal creations in the clinic that are good for mom, babies, and the whole family, including Magnesium Butter; for relief of sore muscles, restless legs, headaches and improved sleep, and Calendula Baby Balm; a must for every diaper bag to relieve diaper rash, eczema, cradle cap, dry skin, bug bites, scrapes, cuts and more. 

When I am not working, I love to spend time with my husband and kids, travel, craft new herbal creations, gardening, and getting together with family & friends.

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