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Gaelyn Anderson, RM

owner of Beginnings Midwifery Care

My journey to become a midwife began over 25 years ago.  I realized that something was missing in conventional obstetrics, and I was drawn to midwifery and providing women-centred care.  My journey involved time of self-discovery as I travelled to many amazing countries around the world; which helped to define me as a person, and solidify my beliefs, my goals, and my dreams.

I completed my studies at UBC in the Midwifery Education Program and graduated with a Bachelor of Midwifery Degree in 2006.  I began my midwifery practice in Campbell River BC on Vancouver Island then returned home to the Edmonton area when I started a family. I have been practicing in Edmonton since 2008 and my life has grown tremendously in that time.

My husband Daryl has been with me along the way. We have 2 incredible boys - McCoyan & Obryn. They are the light of my life and I thoroughly enjoy them. We love our family time together going places, exploring and having fun. We took a year off to travel the world a few years ago which was such an amazing experience for all of us together. I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful husband & kids that are supportive and accommodating to this crazy midwife life!

My role as a midwife is to provide information and personalized care, so that women can make choices throughout this time.  My goal is to help make the birth of their child a positive, safe and empowering experience. Being able to share in women’s experiences of pregnancy, birth and motherhood is an incredible privilege.

I am in awe of the strength of women, and the miracle of each birth.

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We are delighted to be welcoming Marina as a registered midwife at Beginnings in the Summer 2024.

My fascination with pregnancy and birth started at a young age as I watched my mom go through three of her pregnancies. As I grew up, I found myself drawn to healthcare, and I knew I wanted to serve people. I began to notice the disparities within women’s healthcare, especially within obstetrics, and I knew I needed to change this.

After meeting multiple midwives during my volunteer work overseas, it became apparent that this was my calling. I immediately applied to the Mount Royal midwifery program, and this decision was completely solidified once I began catching babies and serving families; I knew this was where I belonged.


I believe pregnancy and birth are intimate moments that deserve client-centered care and a space where women feel truly heard and listened to. Central to my practice is the belief that pregnancy and birth are natural, non-medical processes, and I hold space for this. My goal as a midwife is to provide compassionate woman-centered care where autonomy and decisions are respected, and to hold space for the power and sacredness of pregnancy and childbirth.


When I am not at births or in the clinic, I love spending time with my husband Grayden, our families, and friends.

I also enjoy exploring the city and trying out the many cafes and restaurants that Edmonton has to offer (I will gladly take your recommendations for the best coffee shops!).

I love staying active by hiking, camping, exploring the river valley, playing volleyball, and hanging out at my family’s hobby farm.


I am honored to be a part of your pregnancy journey, and I look forward to meeting you and your family!

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We are delighted to be welcoming Abby as a registered midwife at Beginnings in the Summer 2024.

I am so excited to be joining the team at Beginnings Midwifery!

Prior to starting my midwifery journey I was enrolled in a science degree in my hometown, Brandon Manitoba. I discovered midwifery and immediately fell in love! It combined my fascination with science, interest in healthcare, and passion for serving growing families.


Upon entering the midwifery program at Mount Royal University and catching my first babies, my love for this career was solidified. I was shaped by the kindness and strength of every client, family, and midwife that I was blessed to work alongside. I strive to provide client centered care, aiding families in making important decisions and honouring the natural and peaceful elements of birth. Key elements of my practice are warmth, patience, honesty, and advocacy.


I spend my free time enjoying my new city and exploring all that Alberta has to offer! I love spending time with friends and family, snuggling with my dog Riley, camping, having lake days, and dancing to Abba!

I truly look forward to meeting you and your family! I feel honoured to walk alongside you
during this life-changing time!

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Megan Murray, RM
owner of Beginnings Midwifery Care

Megan is currently not booking clients into care. She is working as an in-house midwife at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton. 

My journey to midwifery began long ago, before I even knew that my calling was rising. My mother recalls my interest in babies and pregnant belly’s from a very young age, as a toddler wandering, that could always be found next to a baby or a growing belly. This fascination continued and my path to midwifery has taken me through a nursing degree, hospital maternity care, private post-partum care as well as exploration into other countries to experience other cultures views of pregnancy, labour, birth and parenthood. These experiences have continually fueled my passion to give women choice in perhaps the most powerful experience of their lives. Pregnancy and birth are very sacred events to be cherished and celebrated.

I attended Thames Valley University in London, England in 2005 to complete my Midwifery degree and was exposed to a variety of styles of midwifery care, from very grass roots midwifery to a medical model. From this I was able to shape my own philosophy of midwifery care. My vision of midwifery is to walk beside a woman and her chosen support to offer information for decision-making, a listening ear, support and guidance through the physical, emotional and spiritual journey of motherhood. I believe that pregnancy and birth are normal, natural functions of a woman’s body. Further, women’s autonomy and self-determination should be respected and honored at all times, leading to making the best decisions for themselves, their babies and their families. With my vision and beliefs as my tools, I am committed to providing holistic, family-centered maternity care and to be ‘with-woman’.


After completing my education in London, I returned to the Edmonton area and met Gaelyn, where our vison of midwifery care was born into Beginnings. My two lovely children, Esme and Nixon, were born at home with beautiful midwives. Mother Nature is my favorite way to spend my down time and I can often be found getting lost in the woods, reading by water or just simply playing outside with my kids. I am so looking forward to meeting you and your family and having the privilege of walking alongside you through this incredible journey.

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